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Suitable Shoes and Other Footwear

Step Forward orthotics will work successfully with a wide range of shoes, including some backless sandals (by using Velcro).

The orthotic cups to the structure of the foot, and will not slide forward in your shoes. With backless shoes we recommend the use of Velcro dots or strips under the heel to prevent the orthotics slipping out backward from under the foot. The pictures below show a wide range of summer sandals that will easily accommodate the orthotics, and will NOT require any use of Velcro.

Our orthotics will not work with rubber 'flip flops'. They may be a problem in very tight dress shoes. The heel may slip from the shoe (especially in well-worn shoes, or court shoes). In this case, heel grip (a strip of leather that adheres to the inside of the heel of the shoe) may help. Or add an extra layer of shoe lining under the front of the foot to stop the foot going so far into the shoe. We do not recommend our orthotics for shoes with a heel height greater than 7cm (although many people do exceed this and report good results).

Suitable Styles

num1 Ideal          num2 Could possibly work          num3 Not recommended

shoe 1a  shoe 1b  shoe 1c  shoe 1d   shoe 1e
 shoe 2a  shoe 2b  shoe 2c  shoe 2d  shoe 2e
 shoe 3a  shoe 3b      

Examples of Suitable Shoes

Shoe 0008 050pxH  Shoe 0007 050pxH  Shoe 0013 050pxH  Shoe 0010 050pxH  Shoe 0018 050pxH
 Shoe 0017 050pxH  Shoe 0015 050pxH  Shoe 0016 050pxH  Shoe 0006 050pxH  Shoe 0011 050pxH
 Shoe 0014 050pxH  Shoe 0003 050pxH Shoe 0021 050pxH   Shoe 0020 050pxH  Shoe 0004 050pxH
Shoe 0019 050pxH   Shoe 0011 050pxH Shoe 0001 050pxH   Shoe 0005 050pxH  

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