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Announcement: Office Relocation

Effective 4th December 2017 we'll be working from a new office. After 9 years at 1012 Doncaster Rd, we've moved to 1045 Doncaster Rd.

We're still up one flight of stairs, Mark & Vida still walk to work, nothing else has changed. Remaining the same are phone, fax, email, website, PO Box, suburb and street name. The relocation is just 200 metres from the old office. Located above a busy dental practice, the office is more efficient for our move to working more from home with everything connected via internet. It is half-way between a big physical office and a  virtual office. We assure you our service will be at least as good as before and in many aspects even better!

Some materials, such as brochures, will still be used with the old address until a new print-run is required. Nearly all our business is done via telephone, internet and post (which will be redirected) so the only impact will be on personal visits (which always required an appointment) or courier deliveries.

Buy Direct from Step Forward

You will not save money by buying direct, but it may be more convenient.

Fittings, sales and support are available from the National Office (in Melbourne).

Depending on your location, we may refer you to one of our authorised Retail Distributors who are experienced fitters, carry stock and also offer a home visit service (subject to your location and mutual availability).

We also offer an in-home mail order print kit, so you never have to leave your home. However, with this method you will not have the opportunity to stand in the orthotics before you decide to buy.

Mail Order Print Kit

Contact us for details how this works. You'll order your orthotics and pay for them over the phone. We'll then post to you the sizing kit, which you'll use in your home and send it back to us (post or email). We then post the correct orthotics direct to you. We do not send out kits before payment has been made for the orthotics.
The instruction sheet that accompanies it can be downloaded here.

National Office


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Phone: 03 9842 6951
Fax: 03 9842 7931
FreeCall: 1800 000 566


Step Forward Orthotics
PO Box 438
Doncaster East  VIC  3109

Delivery & Visit:

We work mostly with doctors and therapists. Accordingly we are not often in the office.
Visit us by appointment only.
Always ring before coming!

Office Hours:
By appointment only.
Report first to the dentist reception. We are upstairs.

1045 Doncaster Road
Doncaster East VIC 3109

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